Direct Email Marketing Is Now The #1 Choice Of Communicating With Your Niche Market

Direct email marketing has quickly replaced direct mail as the marketing vehicle of choice because of recent incidents of bio-terrorism. Let's face it, unless it's a bill or a check, people are not opening their mail! Direct email marketing is SAFE! You cannot contract Anthrax opening an email. Direct mail companies have recently watched their business been cut in half, and direct email marketing companies are picking up the lion's share of the market.

Direct email marketing can be extremely effective for advertising, information gathering, up-selling, cross-selling, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction with online surveys & questionnaires. Direct email marketing is the most cost-effective form of marketing available today. Never could you reach so many people, for so little money. Direct email marketing gets your message to your prospects at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

Direct Email Marketing - A Safe, Effective Marketing Solution

Direct email marketing is a powerful, cost-effective solution for businesses that have predominantly used direct mail for new client generation in the past. Due to the risk of Anthrax contamination, people are afraid to open their mail. Many businesses are canceling direct mail campaigns and replacing them with direct email marketing and telemarketing. Post offices and mail processing centers that are contaminated are being closed down. Because of increased security measures, direct mail is slower than ever.

This nightmare has produced tremendous challenges to companies who have relied on direct mail as their primary source of new business. With today's international economic uncertainty spearheaded by the tragic attack on September 11, 2001, marketing is more of a challenge than ever before. But challenge can also lead to opportunity. Direct email marketing is a powerful solution.

The Direct Marketing Association has communicated new guidelines and strategies to thousands of its members, strongly suggesting the use of direct email marketing. U.S. Postmaster John Potter in an interview with ABC News said, "There are no guarantees that the mail is safe, handle your mail very carefully." He further commented by saying that "Mail and our system is threatened right now."

Many companies are rapidly shifting to direct email marketing in order to reduce the risks associated with anthrax-tainted mail. Companies fear that they will have legal liability associated with sending mail that could later become contaminated and infect the recipient, even if they obviously had nothing to do with contaminating the item when it was originally mailed. Even if they're found not guilty, the costly legal battle is a potential liability that more prudent companies are not willing to risk.

Due to fears of repeat bio-terrorist attacks, businesses that have relied on direct mail are suffering. If a company expects to prosper through this rough time, they must look for alternate methods of advertising and communication. Direct email marketing is by far the safest, most reliable and cost-effective medium to get your message out quickly!

Direct Email Marketing Is Perfect
For Approaching Both Businesses & Consumers

Whether you are targeting consumers or businesses, you can use our direct email marketing database to send an informational or marketing message to your most important customers or prospects. We can create a highly targeted database of people who are your best possible prospects. Email marketing eliminates the waste associated with most forms of traditional marketing and gives you pin-point accuracy. Direct email marketing allows you to deliver your message to a highly receptive market that is most likely to respond. Businesses and consumers are paying more attention to the email they receive than ever before.

Direct Email Marketing:
Benefit From Our Experience & Expertise

We encourage you to contact us if there is anything we can do to help with your direct email marketing campaign. Our research and advice for your direct email marketing campaign are free of charge. We broadcast millions of direct email marketing messages every day. When it comes to direct email marketing, we know what works, and just as important - what doesn't. We'll help you make the right decisions every step of the way.

Whether you need direct email marketing for advertising, email appending for traditional or existing customer databases, up-selling, cross-selling, customer loyalty, or customer satisfaction with online surveys & questionnaires, we can help! We only utilize the most effective direct email marketing strategies that have taken us years to polish and perfect.

We offer the lowest prices, most extensive email directory, and highest deliverability rates in the industry - - guaranteed! If you are sick and tired of watching orders and leads slowly trickle in, direct email marketing is an effective economical solution.

Our Double Opt In Bulk Email List gives you the opportunity to send your message including your Website URL, email address and company information without violating any Web Hosting or ISP agreement. This is absolutely the safest and most professional way to send your message.

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