Permission Based Email Marketing Vs. Unsolicited Bulk Email (SPAM)

Permission based email marketing should be part of your marketing mix. Permission based email marketing allows you to safely and professionally get your message to a large group of people, for a very low price. Permission based email marketing can get your message to thousands of prospects in just minutes. Permission based email marketing and unsolicited bulk email are two completely different animals that are often confused for one another.

Permission Based Email Marketing Has Several
Distinct Advantages Over Unsolicited Bulk Email:

  • Permission based email marketing is legal, unsolicited bulk email is illegal. Need we say more?

  • Permission based email marketing is only sent to people who have specifically requested to receive marketing messages for products and services like yours, specific to their individual interests. These are people who spend time and money on the internet! Unsolicited bulk email is not targeted and the lists are ridiculously over-used resulting in dismal results if any.

  • Permission based email marketing is received with open arms. Spam is loathed and often retaliated with flames and mail bombs.

  • Permission based email marketing with a reputable company eliminates the risk of costly lawsuits and losing your ISP.

  • Permission based email marketing is a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing and provides higher returns. Spam costs about the same, until you get caught or flamed.

  • Permission based email marketing portrays a professional, ethical image - unsolicited bulk email does not. Why would anyone in their right mind do business with a company that engages in this type of illegal behavior?

  • Permission based email marketing turbo-charges your business communication - high speed, high volume, low cost distribution to a specifically targeted list of email addresses. We guarantee the lowest prices, highest deliverability rates and most extensive email list directory.

    Permission based email marketing gives you the opportunity to send your message including your Website URL, email address and company information without violating any Web Hosting or ISP agreement. This is absolutely the safest and most professional way to send your message.

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